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Audio Timer

The Audio Timer was created to fill a specific need.
If you can use it I would like to hear from you. Send me a post-card or an email and let me know how you used it.

Each year my church hosts the Volleython in Rockton, IL. Hundreds of kids on 40+ teams participate and play numerous games. The timing for the games was controlled by a reel-to-reel tape. This recording controlled the length of each game with reminders to get to your places, game beginning, ending, etc. When a game was not playing there was background music. This program takes care of that, including the background music (if you have some MP3 files in your music folder).

Free to use and distribute
Click Here to install the

Audio Timer
When the last line plays and the time runs out it starts at the beginning. There is no need to plan out how many games -- pause the program (or exit) when the last game has finished.
I would suggest selecting Program -> Pause with Music.

Double click on a line to bring up the properties.

Here you can enter the:
  • provide a description
  • wave file
  • record a wave file
  • play it back
  • set the time duration
  • play a warning 'ding'
  • play background music.
If you run into a problem please contact me and I will try to fix it as-soon-as-possible.